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Demand Longleaf Neighborhood 4 be built to match Longleaf and have amenities

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The preliminary plans for Longleaf Neighborhood 4 have been submitted and there are many issues that need to be addressed. There is a public forum at the LNA meeting on Feb 22. We need to gather signatures and present this petition to them at the meeting. 

The new neighborhood is being proposed to have houses that do not comply with our deed restrictions and design code. The houses will NOT have porches in the front and columns. They will not be elevated. They will not have alleyways and therefore the garages and drive ways will be in the front. 

These houses will NOT look like the rest of our neighborhood. When you drive or walk through the neighborhood you will see cars and garages. This is not what our neighborhood is supposed to look like. 

This will basically be a new neighborhood situated inside our existing neighborhood. 

There are also no plans for amenities like a pool or parks. We can not significantly increase the amount of residents in our neighborhood and not provide any new amenities. 

With all of the new neighborhoods going up like Bexley and Starkey Ranch and all the amenities they are providing, our neighborhood will be left behind and be considerably less desirable and this will drastically affect our property values. 

Our neighborhood recently fought a lawsuit, and won, against the school board because of the rezoning. Many residents complained to the county and school board that the county Planning and Zoning has been busy zoning in new homes throughout the county but has done little planning to accommodate infrastructure such as schools, roads, fire, police, etc. 

We can not let this happen internally to our neighborhood. If this builder wants to sell homes literally in our backyards, we must hold them to the standards and expectations that we have come to love and expect in OUR neighborhood. 

If they aren't willing to do this, then they are not the right builder for our neighborhood. I don't see any reason why we should allow this to be done incorrectly. We are in no rush to build these new homes. We can wait until the right partner for our community is willing to do it correctly. 

Please sign this petition, share with fellow Longleaf residents and attend the meeting on the 22nd if you can. 

This will be sent to the LNA and the CDD. The CDD could be asked to fund some of the amenities but that could result in increased assessments. 

Thank you! 

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