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This is an ongoing battle within New York State. In order for the downstate counties to get their fair share of state aid we are asking that the Governor along with ALL our downstate representatives take another look at school funding in our area! 

The long term goal is to provide our community as well as other downstate communities their fair share of state school aid and not to have the tax burden placed on us completely.


I oppose tax cap proposals S2706 and A7916 because they will (choose any or all):


·    Eliminate the democratic principle of majority rule by requiring a 60% override

·    Eliminate a community’s right to address local needs through local

determination and cede total control of education decisions to the state

·   Widen the achievement gap by creating greater disparities between affluent and

poverty/low income neighborhoods

·   Mean fewer dollars for local and state essential services such as education,

health, police, fire and safety, road and transportation services

·   Do nothing to control cost drivers (contractual, and state and federal mandated

obligations will take precedence over curriculum, program and staffing)

·   Shift state responsibility to fund education to the local taxpayer.


The State Legislature stands on the threshold of passing a two percent cap on taxes to help control school spending.  Seaford is one of five school budgets that was rejected on Long Island.  The budget called for an almost 9% tax increase.  Recently the Seaford's Board of Education met to revise the budget reducing the overall spending increase to just 2.35% but that will still result in a property tax increase above 8%.  Why?  Because Seaford does not get a fair share of state aid.  We have the second lowest per student spending rate (k-12) in Nassau County, our Superintendent is the lowest paid of all k-12 districts, and our teachers’ salaries rank in the lowest 25%.  Seaford does not have a large reserve fund or a large commercial property tax base to help offset these tax increases. We need your help and we need it now.

In the next few days you will cast your vote on a TAX CAP of 2% with the primary objective of this legislation to control expenses and reduce taxes.  A look at Seaford's record will show that the district has always controlled spending; that is why we rank at the bottom on all spending measures.  Before you cast your vote for the TAX CAP, we ask that you respect the long performance of the Seaford School District in terms of expense control.  If you feel 2% is a reasonable cap then we ask you to help the over- taxed residents of Seaford who have controlled taxes by providing the Seaford School District with a Tax Stabilization Grant of $3 Million Dollars so we can keep our tax increase to just 2%.  That is how much we need to keep one of the lowest spending districts in line with your goal. 

School funding needs to be reformed.  It is clear when you look at where Seaford stands in terms of spending in relation to the rest of the County and what we receive in state aid which for us is not the driving factor in our tax rate, that the system is broken.  Clearly the system does not effectively take into consideration the lack of a commercial property tax.  Seaford has always supported education but an increase of 8% on a budget with only a 2.35% increase is unacceptable.

In the past you have enjoyed the support of this community.  Next week this community needs your support.  Show you are truly interested in controlling spending and taxes by providing a proven spending control district like Seaford with the tax sterilization grant and passing the tax cap.  Then agree to review why Seaford (and ALL Long Island Districts) received such an unrealistic level of funding given the lack of commercial property and reform the funding system so it is fair to all.

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