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PLEASE become our advocate, and give Army SGT Adam Huckstep a voice!

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We want all our petition signers to know that we are doing this to let the District Attorney know that we want him to be our advocate, and to give Adam a voice! We need his help to speak for Adam against the woman who killed him!


Tracy LaPorte, received the ultimate parent-feared phone call on 2/1/12, learning that her son, US Army SGT. Adam Huckstep, was killed on his motorcycle just outside his military base in Long County, GA! A woman pulled out in front of him! He was thrown off his bike and died on the scene! The GA Highway Patrol Crash Report states that the driver was driving with a SUSPENDED license from a prior arrest, and "Failed to yield right-of-way!" Sounds like a simple prosecution, but here's the kicker . . . she has yet to be charged!!!!! It's been two months since Adam was killed, and the life of the woman who killed him has resumed as if nothing has happened!

We need LOTS of people to sign this petition to the Long County District Attorney, pleading for her arrest! The file is still sitting on a desk, as they continue to show sympathy for this woman! It's TRULY UNBELIEVABLE!! You can Google "Adam Huckstep" and even see in some of the initial news videos where the Georgia State Patrol officer on the scene says he had deep sympathy for the driver who hit him!!! REALLY?!? Where's the sympathy for Adam's family and friends???

PLEASE read Tracy's heart wrenching long letter below. It was faxed to Long County, Georgia District Attorney Tom Durden on 4/2/12, with still no response! Adam fought for all of us, now we ALL need to fight for JUSTICE FOR ADAM!!!


Attn.: Tom Durden
Long County, Georgia; District Attorney
945 Elma G Miles Parkway
Hinesville, GA 31313 

Re: SGT Adam Huckstep
Killed Feb 1, 2012

I am the mother of SGT Adam Huckstep. I have attempted to call, and connect,
regarding my son. At this time I have not had the respect of any follow up. I
want you to know who my son was, his family, and know he wasn't your typical
person. I know these are cases to you, but if my son can give his life for this country then this country needs to give him justice and respect. This is a little piece of my son. I hope you read all of this. God Bless.

Soldier, Father, First born Son, Brother, Friend. Lost forever, by the casual
indifference of a selfish repeat offender. One selfish mistake erased
everything he was. The gift to have more time from my loving son was taken days after he came home to care for me. He sat and stayed at the hospital during my surgery for Cancer. He cared for his brother and sisters to ensure our family held strong.

He was excited to be a New Father of a baby boy born two weeks after he was
killed. Even in times of despair he was always a brave soldier, loyal friend and big brother. His siblings have also been shattered. Adam Cody Huckstep
Laporte is my son and he is dead, and we cannot forget him. We can't turn our
heads because a lady who is a killer cried. I know there isn't much suffering going on in this individual right now. Her guard is let down, out again due to time passing by without charges being filed. It was fear that night that this time she would have to pay. This time she has to pay. Do you have kids?

Life is fragile and he was my baby. A life was taken by the repeatselfishness of one person. Act upon illegal act, yet she was still on the road and plowed through as she took away a man that meant so much to so many. A broken-hearted mother . . . I know you have a mother, imagine the pain. Imagine an unborn child left and a loving brother now lost.

Now the survivors are left to question. What if? Why? Where is justice, help,
and Why was this person with a history of irresponsible and illegal behavior
allowed to be in a RENTAL car, to drive a car with a SUSPENDED license, without punishment from previous arrests? Why did the system let
her go home helping her to slip through the cracks again and caused the ultimate price. A life.

We’ve been told she has to live with guilt. Live . . . is the key word! She gets to live, he does not. It is clear she has not paid for her actions and guilt is not there. Seeing her sharing her day’s events, dates, and fun times out sickens me.

You have to take action and make her see how wrong it is, tragic, and you can't disregard the law and take a life.

She shed tears that night? I am sure she did! Why? Look at her record she knew she couldn't get away with this one. It appears she has so far and has received special treatment. It was believed by one man, the officer on scene,who saw a lady cry out of fear for her own selfish consequences that she was sorry. That because she was someone with kids it must be awful. I was disgusted with the comments made on the scene to me, and the concern and care of HER well-being. My son was the one killed!

How can any of her acts even compare to the loss of a 23 year old who is taken? A loss? It is cold comfort that she suffers for yet getting away again. She will never suffer like us. As Adam’s mother I had fought to have him from pregnancy on; or Adam’s little brother, who is three, and won’t know him; and Adam’s child who will never know his father.

Her “suffering” is a mockery of the families and friends suffering. Even her arrest would not bring Adam back, but the very thing he fought for is JUSTICE, and his voice is being ignored. Her act of suffering that night was fear and means nothing. Actions mean something! A life lost means something!

What makes a life? How do you fill the void when that life is taken suddenly,
capriciously, wantonly? Decorated soldier, loved son and brother, friend to so many, soon-to-be-father, left to die on the streets as a stranger without family because he was stationed there and was in his motorcycle gear. A SMALLpart of my son’s life that he had only been with for a few month’s time. Now how do you judge someone who had done more good and charitable acts in those short three months than most, while his killer is handled with kid’s gloves?

Her state of mind . . . her guilt . . . treated with more respect than the hero who lay dying on the street, because she was upset and her kids wereupset. I am sure she was experiencing the fright of knowing this time she had taken a life by her own actions. Knowing she was not supposed to even bedriving . I don't care how she felt. How do you think my son felt when she pulled out in front of him? Slamming in to him, leaving him waiting overtwenty minutes for an ambulance? How do you know how she felt?

As Trooper Harris put it minutes after I received a call . . . she has suffered by having to live with this. My response was, “No she hasn't.
Who gets to say and how do you know she is suffering?” I was promised her blood was being checked and that I cannot hate this person because she was a church going lady! Are you kidding me? Do we always believe everything we’re told at the scene of a crime by the person at fault? Don't we owe it to ourselves and to our sons and daughters to make a stand that you cannot take a life and repeat selfish criminal acts?

Do you think that's what I as a mother needed to hear from this trooper? It was within minutes I got him on the phone in disbelief. Hearing my son, my rock, was killed by this lady who was leaving Church was an outrage. Really what does that have to do with anything it doesn't matter where she wascoming from. Just because you say you were at church, or even if you were,that doesn’t mean its okay to be reckless.

I was hit again because I thought she had been arrested. I saw a mugshot
online. No, not this night. That was from before, but this time she killed
someone and got a ride home.

This is my son! An active duty Soldier! You would think he deserves more respect than a judgement call by a trooper who felt sorry and wanted her home! And this is a repeat offender . Why wasn’t she charged? Why isn’t she charged still? Why, and how did she rent a car illegally?

I deserved more compassion on the phone and respect the night I spoke to the
Trooper. The moment I heard Trooper Harris' worry for this driver I had a bad
feeling and knew this was not right. He may be a good man, but good men make a bad call sometimes too.

You left my son, his shoes, bike, etc. in the street for media to take pictures and ran stories of his killer. The news was how much pain she has to live with. What about his life and our family’s pain?

Are you kidding me? Sgt Huckstep gave more in his short time in life than most. What you don’t know is my son helped start an organization, Military Moms of Texas, that has helped touch many families in need for years now. He gave back more in his 23 years to more military families and Soldiers in need than any of us. He is the Soldier who waited on a family, caring for them when their Soldier couldn’t make it back from deployment in time. Where is his voice? Where is this right? Who’s got his back? He had ours!

You didn't know Adam, but you will know those who loved him. You will be his
voice, and take action for the very thing he fought for. We are pleading with
you to take this serious and take on this case ASAP.

His treatment in death is a shame on us all. We ask our sons and daughters, our boys and girls, to fight for our ideas. We instill in them our ideals and ask them to prepare to make the greatest sacrifice. Life! All for what we believe in. And they’re willing to do it. He was not willing to do it this way. His life was taken from him.

Brave, honorable, strong and compassionate . . . that was Sgt Huckstep my son. Don’t allow his life to be wasted at the hands of an irresponsible criminal. This is the greatest injustice!!! He was willing to die for you, and instead you are helping and showing mercy to someone who killed him.

I’m ashamed. Everyone should be ashamed. And his killer needs to be punished to the greatest extent the law allows, as a reminder that life . . . any life . . . is too valuable to be thrown away.

Her word was accepted that night regarding where she had been and how sorry she was. Had she been drinking that night? We won’t know because her word was
accepted by a judgment call, based on her act and tears. It was tears of fearthat she would have to pay this time.

It is wretched, dismal, and depressing that his life, with so much to give, was wasted for no reason. Wasted by a careless selfish woman with a past.

Make this right and give SGT Adam Huckstep La Porte his voice, and his rights. It is the least you can do, as he was willing to die and give his life for you. He was deploying for the second time within days of his death. He did this for you! He was an unselfish person who put it all on the line for us all to live. He stayed in the Army, ready to deploy again proudly, to serve and fight for more lives, justice, and good, than she will ever have.

There is no pity, no handouts, or get out of jail free cards that exist. This
is not a game of Monopoly or Life. It was his life, my baby. Stand up for his rights! Make it right and fight for him as he was willing to do for you.

I beg of you Please help bring charges against his killer and make this right. Its heart wrenching enough my son, my baby is gone. The more I know about this wretched person, the more I’m kicked in the gut each day. The verymeaning of Freedom, and a life has been taken away by a selfish irresponsible, repeat offender whose act is disgusting.

Be his voice and take action because taking a life isn't something you can get away with. Don’t allow special treatment just because she had kids. They are better off in a responsible environment somewhere else. My son won't know his kid or be with our family ever again.

Freedom Isn't Free,

Tracy Anne La Porte
Mother of SGT Adam "2STEP" Huckstep La Porte.
Killed Feb 1, 2012 by a repeat offender, days before deploying a second time!

Military Moms of Texas / Operation Green Santa, an organization founded by,and for, my son, several years ago now. He volunteered, delivered, sharedpackages and more in this organization that has grown to 1500 members. He was an active part in helping and saving others.

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