Support Good Food Values for our School Meals

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As a community, we are organized around defined values.  We gather in support of the health of our community and its families.  While a major part of our health is what communities eat, the food that large institutions purchase also has many impacts along the food chain.   The food that's served to children at our schools must deliver nutrition, while school district purchasing also impacts workers, animal welfare, the environment and the local economy. 

We believe that resources are available to bolster each area of impact, and are asking for support in moving the following Good Food Values forward:

Healthy, active living
Innovative food education
Local, sustainable, and fair food sourcing
Fresh, nutritious food access for all

Our city is rich with businesses, individuals and organizations that promote these good food values.  These include local farms and farmers, markets and chefs that promote fresh foods and lifestyles.  

We believe that these food values should extend to our school children and the food they are served and have access to.  

It is our hope that our public institutions such as the Long Beach Unified School District will join us in supporting good food values through policy and practice.   We are respectfully requesting a resolution supporting good food values, and urging the development of a formal policy or program.

We believe the nationally acclaimed Good Food Purchasing Policy supported by Long Beach Fresh would provide budget-friendly pathways to assessing current practices, setting benchmarks, and then reaching goals.

We hope the Long Beach Unified School District will join us in supporting #goodfoodvalues.