No Street Sweeping tickets in Long Beach until the Stay at Home order is lifted.

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We petition Mayor Robert Garcia and Long Beach City Council to extend the moratorium on street sweeping tickets until the Stay at Home order is ended, and all street sweeping tickets issued prior to the end of the Stay at Home order be waived.  

Approximately 1.3 million Los Angeles County residents have lost their jobs due to the shutdown, and the majority of Long Beach residents are following Stay at Home guidelines. Parking in Long Beach, which is notoriously scarce already, is even more impacted since far fewer people are moving their vehicles.

Despite the extension of the Stay at Home order, Long Beach Parking Enforcement has ended its moratorium on street sweeping tickets and began issuing $70 citations for street sweeping violations starting on Monday, May 18th. That Monday, 925 street sweeping citations were given, "more than double an average Monday," and  $64,750 was potentially extracted from Long Beach residents on a single day.

We know that street sweeping tickets are one of the City's biggest revenue generators. The Head of Public Works, Craig Beck, complained that "postponing citations through the end of the stay-home order could mean as much as $2 million in losses for the city’s general fund," revealing that the City expects to extract $2 million dollars from Long Beach residents while the city is on lockdown and facing a public health crisis. 

Long Beach City Council will revisit the issue on June 2nd, in which they will "analyze how citations are affecting residents and whether the city needs to take further action regarding street sweeping tickets." We call on Long Beach residents to make it clear that it is unacceptable to balance the budget on the backs of people struggling to deal with the consequences of COVID-19.