“KMD-MF DOOM Way” Renaming the Street

“KMD-MF DOOM Way” Renaming the Street

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Started by Dr. Patrick Graham

I am writing on behalf of the KMD-MF DOOM Way Committee.  We are requesting that the City of Long Beach rename East Hudson Street's block between Riverside Boulevard and Long Beach Road “KMD-MF DOOM Way” after the recently deceased artist who grew up in Long Beach, New York.  Hip-hop leaders credit Mr. Dumile as one of the most prolific rap artists of all time. His life served as an example of inclusive community building and growth through individual struggle. Long Beach profoundly influenced his adolescents.

The hip-hop community often refers to Mr. Dumile as “the rapper's favorite rapper.”  His influence on hip-hop was not fully realized until after facing tragic moments in his life.  Mr. Dumile’s career began in Long Beach after forming the group, KMD, under his stage name, Zev Love X.  Along with his brother, Dingilizwe “DJ SubRoc” Dumile, and other Long Beach youth, he experienced early success.  After a tragic car accident took the life of DJ SubRoc and disagreement with his record label, Mr. Dumile disappeared into obscurity, battling homelessness due to his brother's death (1993) and label dispute in 1994.  However, during this period, he called on his youthful experience in Long Beach to reinvent himself as MF DOOM. 

Mr. Dumile took his pain and experience as a youth to develop the persona, MF DOOM.  His album, Operation Doomsday (1999), would become an instant classic.  Other albums followed with even greater fanfare.  Works such as Take Me to Your Leader, Mm...Food, Madvillainy, and several other individual albums and collaborations solidified Mr. Dumile as a hip-hop icon.  He is credited with some of the most intricate uses of the English language on wax.  People of various backgrounds and cultures worldwide recognize him as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, underground hip-hop artist of all time.  Mr. Dumile’s ability to unite people across cultures started as a youth in Long Beach.

Various young people across ethnicities and classes recognize Mr. Dumile as a leader before reaching hip-hop icon status.  He was an avid skateboarder who developed interracial coalitions across the city.  Mr. Dumile combined this generation’s sounds with his skateboarding pastime to bring young people across differences into intimate spaces. This is his real legacy.  As a hip-hop artist, he continued the tradition.  His concerts were some of the most diverse in the industry.  It is a gift Long Beach residents should be proud to call their own.

Mr. Dumile represents the ability to grow through tragedy and unite people around common themes.  We need more individuals like him during this time of political and social divisions.  Mr. Dumile still inspires many young people to view the potential of everyday life.  Long Beach should be proud of its native son and honor him and his legacy on a street sign.  Just as important, the city should embrace the unity Mr. Dumile represents for generations to come.

Please sign this petition in support of KMD-MF Doom Way.  As a native son of Long Beach, a professor, and a public and social sector leader, I know the importance of symbols.  You may contact me at 704.577.4355 or DrPatrickCGraham@gmal.com.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Dr. Patrick C. Graham  (https://www.linkedin.com/in/drpatrickcgraham/

9,790 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!