Definitely proceed with the proposed LTC bus route through Old North

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The London Transit Commission is proposing changes to bus Route 1 which will result in a new high-requency bus service running through the heart of Old North.

Under the proposed Route 1, the bus will run on Regent Street between Maitland and Colborne Streets and on Colborne Street between Regent Street and Dufferin Avenue.

Route 1 is being moved off of Richmond Street to accommodate the Bus Rapid Transit Project. While the BRT may never go ahead, the residents of Old North would gain bus access, which is great. 

This proposal will provide Old North residents with access to transit and allow us to leave our cars at home more often. 

From Monday to Saturday, bus service will begin just after 6 a.m. and continue until nearly midnight. On Sunday, service will begin before 9 a.m. and run until nearly 11 p.m.

Based on the current Route 1 schedule and projected bus headways, this proposal will result in buses passing homes approximately 100 times per day with a peak frequency of 8 buses per hour during key commuting times, which is very convenient. 

We the undersigned support the proposed changes to Route 1.