Stop the proposed LTC bus route through Old North

I am signing as we recently by fluke that the LTC is proposing two way bus travel on our street as well. We already have congested heavy traffic and now to implement two way service is creating a now very busy street is making our street a main artery . Possible bus stops put on our property which will infringe on the safety and the upkeep of our properties. So I agree with many of the arguments against adding bus traffic to our residential area! The needs and concerns of property owners should be taken seriously . Attended a public drop in and felt very frustrated that I was not being heard to the point I walked out! I sincerely hope you have success with your stuggle to try and maintain! Let’s all do our best to protect our subdivisions to a residential state and not make our city so unpersonalized !

Lorie Smith, Briarhill Ave, Canada
2 years ago
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