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Online local students can have LTC bus passes included or opt-out if they want

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For years now, online students have paid the same tuition as in-class students, except for the bus pass fees. Many local online students require use of textbooks in the library, or are required to come into the college for tests and exams. Additionally, office hours are in the college for extra help. Students are usually met with an ultimatum: pay a fee to write online, or come into the college to write. Many online students have an upwards of 6 courses per semester. That is 6 separate courses where you may be required to come in for tests, library use, buying text books, office hours and exams. It adds up! 

Unfortunately, though it would be beneficial to have an opt-in/opt-out option for online students (so if you're not local, you can opt-out), it has not been one yet. Many online students are parents without childcare access, or that work full-time/part-time in the City of London and use online classes as a way to get their education while doing so. Myself, I have a son with level 3 Autism and a new daughter who is exclusively breastfed. I do my courses at home while I watch my children. I do not drive. When I leave them with my spouse for many tests, exams and office hour-meetings, I pay up to $2.75 per way. This is not economical or logical. 

Please Fanshawe College and London Transit Commission, reconsider your decision to keep online students from access to Student Bus Passes. 

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