Give LSBU students the grades they've earned and extend the no detriment policy!

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During the pandemic, university students have been expected to perform as they did previously, despite changes to remote teaching, a lack of resources and displacement from their homes due to the pandemic.

Additionally, on the 13th of December 2020 LSBU suffered a cyber attack resulting in a lack of access to their online learning portal Moodle, which has caused students to not be able to access any resources from the past semester, with all learning materials such as recorded lectures becoming unavailable. This also means that certain institutional logins are not working, so students cannot access research materials such as case studies and academic journals that are necessary to complete a quality piece of work.

Although we understand that these online issues are difficult to fix, we believe we are entitled to the grades that we have earned in previous years, and that a safety net of a no detriment policy should be enacted for this academic year.

In-person teaching has been postponed indefinitely, leaving us in the same situation as last April, when the no detriment policy was originally put in place.

International students have been either forced to return home or stay here away from their families over the holidays, students are still paying rent for accommodation they aren't living in and illness among family members and students themselves has caused extreme distress. The pandemic itself has made everyone make changes to their lives, but students have been left out of these reforms to education, leaving us struggling with mental health issues, away from our families, with extreme pressure to perform. 

In personal cases from students whose names will remain private:

  • Students have fallen ill and are still coping with the physical and mental repercussions
  • Students with mental health issues are struggling with feeling overwhelmed by trying to achieve top grades with the lack of online resources
  • Students are struggling to cope with the chaos and disorganisation of the cyber attack, with personal information at risk

The no detriment policy was introduced last year to cope with the disruption of the pandemic, and we strongly believe that this disruption has only gotten worse, therefore we demand the same no detriment policy to be renewed for the 20/21 academic year!

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