Create a safer space for residents & their children, close off Mill Gardens to the public.

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Watermark Development on Sutherland Road was built in 2012. 

The development consists of 82 dwellings across three blocks, with a publicly accessible garden space on the middle. 

Since being opened, the garden space has consistently been used for:

  • drug use
  • drug dealing
  • other criminal activity (such as abuse of disabled residents, rising moped across grass area and damaging building entrances)
  • general anti-social behaviour (such as fighting, screaming, shouting and defecating)
  • filming grime music videos
  • vigil for murdered gang member 

Which has resulted in it being a source of fear and intimidation for residents. 

The publicly accessible walkways also mean that vandals and groups of young people force their way into the building to harass residents and engage in ASB.

Residents are fed up of living in an area where they do not feel safe and cannot use the garden area right in front of their homes. Actions taken by the council and partners to address issues have been unsuccessful, and rely on action from poorly resourced services such as the police.

A similar development in Waterloo has successfully combatted ASB issues by cordoning off the development. This is residents want for Watermark.

We are signing this petition to ask L&Q to fence of Mill Garden off so it can be used by residents and young people that actually live here in Cambria, Magenta and Calibri Court and make the development safer to live on!