Petition Update

[SOS Campaign Update] Sunday 20th October

Save Our Scrubs

Oct 20, 2013 — GLA meeting- Mathew Frith (LWT), David Lindo

The meeting brought together Tom Cardis (H&F), Martin Scholar (GLA Strategic Planner), Peter Massini (GLA Urban Greening). David L agreed to do a site visit for Tom and Martin. Mathew's conclusion was that we need to have a well-developed and fully defendable set of possible alternative options for the next stage of discussions.

Report from David Jeffreys on Professional Advisors

David J has been talking to barristers, solicitors, planners and transport consultants to determine who we might turn to next. We need to develop our own preferred alternatives to the TFL plan, and David has identified and spoken to several planning consultants. Our next big challenge is going to be raising the money to get this work done

Sunday Nov 3rd at 5pm, Pavilion pub