Petition Update

Campaign Update, October 12th

Save Our Scrubs

Oct 12, 2013 — The major event this week was the meeting of the management committee of the Wormwood Scrubs Charitable Trust. The Trust is the body of which the council is the sole trustee and which derives its powers from the 187? act of parliament which left the Scrubs for the enjoyment of all Londoners. The council has only just appointed a management committee to the Trust - pressured by us - and so far the committee is composed of three councillors - Councillor Andrew Brown, Councillor Elaine Chumnery, Councillor Joe Carlebach

They met for the first time on Monday and the friends of wormwood scrubs (FOWWs) were invited to attend as members of the public.

We were able to get the HS2 proposals firmly on their agenda - it had not been before - and they agreed to bring forward their next meeting so that they have time to discuss a response to TFL's next consultation.