Lib Dems: Communicate more with Pro EU groups & Progressive Alliance groups to win seats

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Following the result of the EU referendum, a large number of Pro EU groups have come about. According to the following Article in the Guardian, there are now over 500,000 people who belong to groups campaigning against a Hard 'Brexit' / campaigning to remain in the EU:

Pro EU volunteers work very hard. Many of the campaigners who are involved with these Pro EU Groups (as well as several other grassroots Pro EU groups) dedicate a huge amount of their own time organising rallies, lobbying politicians, having regular street stalls, organising vigils in the Westminster area, as well as a plethora of other Pro EU activities.

However, at the moment, Pro EU parties (such as the Lib Dems) aren't communicating much with grassroots campaigners involved with Pro EU groups with regards to strategy and regarding when campaigning sessions are occurring. As a consequence, events organised by Pro EU groups (such as rallies and campaign activities) often clash with Lib Dem campaign sessions. This means that Pro EU events aren't as well attended as they could be. And it also means that Lib Dem campaign sessions aren't as well attended as they could be.

The Labour Party and Momentum have successfully been able to communicate with and encourage Socialist groups to help Labour in preparation for elections. During the 2017 General election, Labour campaign sessions were well attended with a great buzz on the doorsteps - contributing towards a strong electoral performance. Socialist groups understand that the most effective way to achieve a Socialist Government is to campaign for the Labour Party.

And the same must apply to Pro EU groups. It is understandable that many Pro EU groups are cross party, however in order to stop a Tory 'Hard Brexit' and achieve a Government who want to remain in the EU or want the closest possible relationship with the EU, it is crucial that Pro EU groups sometimes help campaign for Lib Dem candidates where the Lib Dems are against 'Brexiteers'.

However for the Lib Dems (the main Pro EU party) to achieve electoral success, it is crucial that they are in closer communication with the grassroots campaigners involved with Pro EU groups to ensure that the Pro EU campaign is co-ordinated properly.

And it is also crucial that the Lib Dems are in closer communication with Progressive Alliance groups so we (Progressive Alliance groups) can link groups with similar aims together; and so we can help the Lib Dems in the Lib Dem vs Tory marginals. Pro EU groups, Progressive Alliance groups and the Lib Dems have some differences; however we all share a passion for Socially Liberal / Progressive Politics. If we all work together, we would all get what we want! 

If we had all worked together in the 2017 General Election, the Lib Dems would have taken more seats from the Tories in the 2017 General Election, and we would have more Pro EU MPs in parliament today. This would've made it easier to stop this Tory Hard 'Brexit'. 

We must not make this mistake again, and we must take the opportunity to work together and communicate more - so the Pro EU campaign would be more effective and successful; and the Lib Dems would have well attended campaign sessions resulting in more success during elections.

This is why we (London Progressives) are calling on the Liberal Democrats to start entering talks and communicating on a regular basis with Pro EU groups and Progressive Alliance groups with the view to win more seats, and to ensure the Pro EU campaign is as strategic and co-ordinated as possible.

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