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Dont send my teenage son to prison for being a teenager.

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My son was barely 19 and meet a underage girl online. She said she was older. But the courts say it doesnt matter what she did or does. He is being charged with 4 sexual felony charges based on online chat. The young lady even told the police that my son didnt force her to do anything, yet his life is a living hell. I feel if a 13 year old girl is promicuous, sleeping around with older boys while portraying herself to be older to lure these young men in, then she should be held just as accountable as the 18 or 19 year old boy that was lured. Law says that a 13 or 14 year old cant be held accountable for their actions. But 16 years old is legal age of consent. I honestly believe that the law should not be based totally on age. However, should include circimstances in each case to be fair and just. Girls are said to mature at a faster rate than boys. With that said, a young man just turning 19 is not really anymore mature than a young lady turning 14. It seems normal that if a teenage girl reveals herself at her own discretion that an older teenage boy has an instinct to be inquisitive. My son is just a child too. My son should not have his future taken away and be deemed a sexual predator for life because a streetwise underage female lured him into her sexual game that she continues to do to other young men as we speak. She even recently listed herself as engaged to a older guy. Why is it fair that my son cries himself to sleep at night because hes worried that he will go to prison and be ruined for life. While she continues her sexual crusade with older boys without a worry in the world. Dont get me wrong I do not condone sexual predators. But my son is not a predator out raping children. He messed up by trusting her and was just simply careless. The young lady is a fully formed young woman that was far beyond innocent upon his meeting her. My son was raised sheltered and protected and has learned a lot from this . He has grown up a lot and matured since this all began. He just got his first car today and I hope to see him go to college instead of prison. When this all started he spent a wkend in county jail while we got his bond money together and there he was choked and had his food taken away by other prisoners. Let me tell you that this scared him to death. He is my son and I have watched his spirit die from this horrible thing. At one point he wanted to comit sucide, so we just keep praying and encouraging him to lean on God. My son will help anyone in need, he truly is a sweet young man that doesnt deserve to go to prison. He no longer has friends because of these vicious charges and has been beaten when he was out alone. My son has to stay home out of fear. Just weeks ago the young lady contacted my son and wanted him to meet her. How is that fair? She is now 15 and continues to try to contact my son and do as she pleases. How can we allow young ladies to do this because they are not 16? We are sending the wrong message to our teenagers! We are allowing young ladies to not respect themselves by saying theyre underage and cant be held accountable. And were throwing young men in prison because theyre acting like normal young men do. I can only hope that others will understand and help me save my son. This has been going on for well over a year and still havent gotten beyond pretrials. With my son paying his own attorney fees, the beating he took while out alone, and not being able to get a job because of pending charges, not to mention the torment of the upcoming trial, seems to be punishment enough. Afterall, its been a living hell for him as well as our entire family. This young lady does know what shes doing and it needs to be recognized before its too late. She needs structure and my son needs his life. Please help us!!!

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