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ON SEPT 6 2015 we all had lost a beautiful man.STEVE SINCLAIR.49 years old.he was a farther ,son,grandfather,brother,uncle,and a very kind loving friend. And he was my husbands Emilio Trevor Hernandez farther He was  gunned down outside his lounge on sept6/15  on Hamilton and gore rd st 5:45am by this 15 year old kid from hamilton.the kid was caught and charged in court he was a young offender so he only got 7 years.4 years to serve in a young offender jail.and 3 years of community supervision.i was there the night it all happened.i was peppersprayed. I heard the gun shots go off 3 times I heard that kid calling Steve a pussyhole.it was a living nightmare.i still have night terrors and suffer from PTSD.i still cant get this night out of my head.it has caused a big impact on my life.and everybody else's.his childrens his parents his siblings his friends.as far as I'm concerned we did not get proper justice for steve .and now this youth has served only 4 years and was in london court today Oct 15/19 trying to convince judge Marc Garson that hes a changed person.and should be released.i dont Care if he has done 42 sessions of therapy. this youth knew what he was doing he planned it all out.and he succeeded. he took an amazing beaitiful soul and friend from all of us all we all have now is our memories and steve sinclair's grave site.this isnt fair and I will do everything in my power to make sure he gets justice and his killer doesnt get out.so plz I'm asking everybody to plz sign this petition and let's get justice for steve sinclair and his children and family and friends.yes hes gone but he will never be forgotten.