Stop Roger's 5G 'Test' in London, Ont. 5G is a lethal killer.

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Roger's is racing to install new cellular sites to create super-fast 5G networks in London for a 'test'.  We need to race to stop them as mounting evidence of the lethal radiation that will seriously impact our health with increased cancers, heart issues and DNA changes.   

Radiation at these levels will cook our families to death slowly.  

As well-aware, informed citizens, we demand our city's council protect and serve it's people.  We are not guinea pigs! 

Over 200 scientists and physicians who have researched the negative biological and health effects of radio frequency radiation have signed the 5G appeal, calling for a moratorium on the use of 5G technology.

A number of countries and U.S. states that have slowed or stopped 5G deployments due to health risks. In Belgium last month, for example, the government halted a 5G test in Brussels over difficulty in measuring radiation emissions. Switzerland has also started to delay 5G rollouts and will create a radiation monitoring system. In New Hampshire, lawmakers are considering establishing a commission to study the health impacts of 5G networks. And Mill Valley, Calif., near San Francisco, last year banned new 5G wireless cells.

The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer classified cellular radio waves as a possible carcinogen in 2011 and is undertaking a “high priority” study seeking a more definitive answer. 

Let them finish the studies before they TEST it on living beings and this city!  

And we must not forget the insects which our ecosystems depend on.  Insects are the victims that are on nobody's radar except for 5G. Populations already cut in half from habitat loss, toxic pesticides and climate change, insects will now be cooked through by 5G radiation that roughly matches their size.

In another 5G experiment, hundreds of birds fell to the ground dead.     

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