Safe streets for a healthy, vibrant London

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Many Londoners don't consider cycling as a viable transportation option because it is perceived as unsafe, inconvenient or a recreational activity. But in cities across North America, those who are interested in riding but are concerned about their safety make up the majority of people.

We need to build a network of safe and convenient cycling routes to cater to the interested but concerned Londoners. Protected bike lanes and traffic-calmed neighbourhood streets have proven to increase the number of cyclists dramatically in cities as diverse as Vancouver, Calgary, Minneapolis, Toronto, or Hamilton.

As more Londoners choose to cycle, we'll be healthier, our streets will be safer, we'll be reducing our emissions, and we'll all save money. As London City Council deliberates on the multi-year budget for the next four years, we are asking them to:

  1. Hire a cycling and walking manager at City Hall
  2. Expand the cycling network for all ages and abilities by 40km by 2023

I want our children to grow up in a city where they have great options about how they move around the city- whether by bike, by bus, by foot or by car. And we all have a responsibility to honour future generations by responding proactively to the climate emergency we face.

Support safe streets for a healthy, vibrant London today!