Paul Van Meerbergen Should Resign

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On January 13, 2020 it was made public that London, Ontario, Ward 10 Coun. Paul Van Meerbergen, paid Blackridge Strategy $1,320 to provide an anonymous smear website and attack ads against his opponent Virginia Ridley. 

Van Meerbergen has claimed he has no knowledge of these events, and has gone so far as to blame a campaign volunteer for these actions. He refused to provide a copy of his contract with Blackridge strategy, stating that "Who in their right mind would sign a contract and have it in print and writing, 'oh yeah, we'll have fake websites, that will be $600." (said to the CBC)

Documents released by Ms. Ridley's lawyer, which include an invoice from Blackridge for an anonymous website and attack ads, shows that he would be the kind of person to put in writing and sign a contract with legally questionable action in it.  

This behaviour is unacceptable from someone serving on City Council, and Paul Van Meerbergen needs to step down, or be removed, as a result of these actions. 

Please sign your name showing your belief that Van Meerbergen is unfit to serve on City Council, and your support of his removal from office.