Oppose London Borough of Barnet's proposal to charge every child in every borough school

Oppose London Borough of Barnet's proposal to charge every child in every borough school

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Barnet council is launching its consultation with schools on several significant proposals in relation to the Schools Budget in 2019-20.

Namely that they start charging all the schools in the borough per pupil for previously funded support work from the Education Services Grant. In effect this will mean that each school in the Borough suddenly faces paying the council anywhere between £30-50 per pupil. With a school that has 400+ pupils that is a significant amount of money to suddenly find.

Secondly that each school pays a % of its annual budget direct to the council as a one off fee. In essence this means that schools will suddenly face paying a fee of in excess of £40,000 to the council.

This is motivated by a shortfall in the Boroughs budget. Not the schools themselves. So in essence the Borough is looking to address its financial situation by asking for schools to bale them out.

Given that the majority of the Borough's school's are already facing financial difficulty these proposed new payments by the council will force schools into further budget cuts to try to cover these demands (teacher redundancies, support worker lay off, cuts to learning resource budgets and material, cuts to SEN provision, risks to food provision, sports activities etc).

We do not feel it is the responsibility of Head teachers and schools to bail the council out of any financial difficulty or shortfall in its budget provision. This may well be caused by a shortfall in money given by central Government - but why should Schools have to sort this mess out?

We wish to state our opposition as parents and voters to this proposal.

We wish to protect our schools, maintain a proper level of education for our children and support teachers.