Bring Big Retail Back to Millbrae

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ACT NOW: Save Millbrae’s Economic Future.

Sign this petition to ensure the economic recovery and sustainability in the City of Millbrae.

Petition to urge Mayor London Breed, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), and San Francisco Board of Supervisors, to stop plans expanding the SFPUC offices into vital commercial space previously housing Orchard Supply Hardware.
Compel a new request for proposal (RFP), to extend lease terms to 20 or more years in order to bring viable big retailers back to Millbrae. 

Why This is Important:

  • The SFPUC’s 5 year RFP deterred any consideration from viable commercial tenants from submitting proposals. 
  • The SFPUC’s proposed office expansion can easily be accommodated on existing land, without encroaching on land used for commercial space.
  • The SFPUC’s commercial land has been vacant for two years - causing financial losses to both the city of Millbrae and SFPUC.
    No commercial retailer will consider RFP’s less than 20 years. Target wants to lease this property now. Other commercial retailers have also shown interest in this parcel.

In this critical economic time communities and jurisdictions need to work together for the mutual economic benefit of all stakeholders. Millbrae’s economic future depends on maintaining existing commercially zoned space to allow essential retailers to invest in our city. 

Sign the Petition and Save Millbrae's Economic Future!