Open up hidden pathway, used as a target area for sexual assaults

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Cowley Mill road pathway (opposite Whitehall parade/school) is concealed by trees, bushes and general deadbury and although on a main road, this means there is no visibility to the pathway from passers by. This route is used daily by women, teens and mothers collecting their children from the school directly opposite or making their daily route into Uxbridge town centre and as some may be aware has been used as a target area for sexual assaults. 

Alarmingly, although many of these assaults have been reported in the Local news pages, nothing has been done to prevent these incidents happening and making this walkway safer for locals. Removal of these trees and opening up this pathway to make it visible to passers by and an open space will make he area far safer and therefore reduce the likliehood of these attacks happening.

How many incidents are too many before something will be done?!