Stop The Gurnell Overdevelopment

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Louise Simmonds
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Please help us to stop the overdevelopment of Ealing.

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London Borough of Ealing plan to redevelop the current Gurnell Leisure Centre and build a large residential development on the current site, which is within the Brent River Park and is owned by the borough. It's on the flood plain and is designated as Metropolitan Open Land (MOL) which is afforded the same degree of protection as Green Belt.

The leisure centre will be closed for at least two and a half years while the development takes place.

The council claim that they do not have sufficient funds to pay for the new centre and will be allowing a private developer to build on the site in return for a yet undisclosed fee.  The September 2019 consultation presentation had no financial details, however we understand that the development is not cost neutral to the council. 

The entire residential part of the development will consist of 612 flats across 6 tower blocks ranging between 6, 10, 13, 15 and 17 storeys - this could equate to around 1,700 people living in the development.  

The local residents support the need for the leisure centre to be either refurbished or redeveloped, and recognise that there is a cost associated with this. They are also supportive of the provision of Affordable Housing, and sustainable progressive developments.  However, a number of concerns have been raised about this development, including but not limited to:

  • Inappropriate development on Metropolitan Open Land (MOL) which is afforded the same protection as Green Belt
  • The lack of consideration by the Local Planning Authority regarding the impact as a whole of this and other developments across the borough
  • The amount of Affordable Housing being well below strategic targets
  • The impact to local infrastructure from the increased population (NHS, schools, public transport, parking and sufficient cycle spaces in local transport hubs) 
  • The lack of meaningful consultation with the local community with regards to both the specification of the leisure centre and the residential aspects of the development
  • The adverse effect on the residential amenity of the neighbours and community due to overlooking, loss of privacy, overshadowing, etc.
  • The proposed development is overbearing, out of scale and out of character in terms of its appearance compared with existing development in the vicinity 


  • We request that London Borough of Ealing review it’s plans for the leisure centre redevelopment and seek alternative options that do not require an inappropriate development to be built on this site
  • We request that London Borough of Ealing and any associated Developer(s) conduct a proper consultation with both the local and wider community of Ealing in the same manner as the following councils: Wokingham, South Gloucestershire and Brent.
  • Should the planning application still be submitted, we request that the Local Planning Authority (Ealing Council) refuse planning permission
  • We request that the Greater London Authority (GLA) refuse this application as it constitutes an inappropriate development on MOL.  No “very special circumstances” exist that outweigh the harm caused to the openness of the MOL or any other harm
  • We also request that the London Borough of Ealing properly consult with the community to draft a Neighbourhood Plan.  This will enable the local community to develop a shared vision for our neighbourhood and shape the development and growth of our local area

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Please note there was an earlier petition on this matter however as the proposed development has changed significantly since the original petition which was started in 2017 this one will replace it.  All information is accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of writing.