Listen to young people like us when designing and running public spaces in our communities

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We are 19 young people from the London Borough of Brent. We want a greater say in the design and use of public spaces in our city – and we want to help people like us gain a voice in how public space is developed and utilised in their communities, and in yours.

Young people like us are widely marginalised in the design and management of public spaces. While open spaces are geared to adults and playgrounds are tailored to younger children, most public spaces for people our age are skate parks – and our communities are too often pigeonholed as anti-social creatures who love nothing more than causing terror on our streets. We want things to change, and we need your help to make it happen.

Seen and Heard is a new campaign – our campaign – calling for better public spaces for young people in London, and for people like us to be given an active role in their design. The campaign emerged from a project we initiated in summer 2019 to explore and analyse urban public spaces in Brent, which are too often restrictive and dangerous – just as they are across London.

Inspired by extensive research, workshops, talks and experiments, and with the collaboration of urban design researchers at the London School of Economics and the regeneration teams at Quintain, we’ve created the Blueprint Charter, a manifesto that calls for the needs of young people aged 15 to 21 to be at the heart of the design of public spaces in London. You can download and read it at here.

5 Core Values of our Charter (TAKEN FROM THE CHARTER ITSELF)


Take us - and local young adults like us - into account when designing and managing public space.


New resources and opportunities should be shared throughout the borough - not just in Wembley Park.


Share knowledge of local opportunities (for work and also advocacy) with young people to empower them.


Making the case for spaces that are for and by us.


We want to encourage more young people to be the change they want to see.

This petition is the next stage of our campaign. If you believe young people deserve better public spaces, for our benefit and for the benefit of wider society, please sign and support our petition – and help us to make a positive change within our borough and our city.


We are Seen and Heard, 19 young people from the London Borough of Brent who are passionate about improving our lives and those of people like us across our city – and beyond. Many of us are part of the Blueprint Collective: both pressure group and think tank, the Collective includes around 100 young adults brought together by Brent’s year as London Borough of Culture. We want to amplify the voices of young people across Brent and London in order to help us, and them, improve society for us all. You can read more about Seen and Heard and the Blueprint Collective at

Seen and Heard is a research and engagement project commissioned by Brent 2020, London Borough of Culture delivered by the Blueprint Collective with Brent Youth Parliament and the London School of Economics, funded by Quintain.

To get involved sign here and follow us at @LBOC2020