Urgent risk assessment of West Wickham ‘improvements’

Urgent risk assessment of West Wickham ‘improvements’

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Tim Sowter
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LB Bromley have embarked on £300,000 scheme to improve traffic flow in West Wickham by increasing capacity for queuing cars. This is being done by widening roads, moving lights and pushing cyclists on to the pavement. However, bad design means that it is more dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians. 

Poorly designed ‘cycle lanes’ create danger for cyclists. For example there is a risk of collision between cyclists and vehicles entering and exiting the station and builders yard. Cyclists are taken directly into the blind spot of lorries turning left into the builders yard.

The strange swirling tarmac strips are confusing for both cyclists and pedestrians.

The narrowing of pavements makes it more difficult for people with buggies and wheelchairs.