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Majority of the UK & London are fed up with sadiq khan as mayor of london

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To the London assembly members who are responsible for holding to account the mayor of London sadiq khan.

The majority of the UK & London  are very tired and fed up now with the mayor!

As law abiding taxpayers..We demand sadiq khan to be held to account and taken from his ' Duties '..All we hear from this ' Mayor ' Is , discriminating brexiters, white people in general and lying and making false accusations.

David Kurton asked him to apologise for his rantings to trump and interfering in matters that are none of his business! Sadiq khans reply was arrogant and cocky..He does NOT represent the UK and he is NOT fit to be mayor!

For sadiq khan to use jo cox's murder to justify his false and vile attacks on the POTUS and anyone who voted for brexit , does NOT sit right with the public!

Sadiq khan needs to STOP giving out false information and focas on being the mayor..He has been told enough times to do so..But continues his arrogant childish attacks on matters that DO NOT concern him..Therefore he is NOT fit to be in public office!

Sadiq khan should look at FACTS rather than making up things to suit him..Meirs jo cox's killer , did NOT shout Britain first..If you look at witness statements and factual reports..He actually said ..PUT BRITIAN FIRST.. We are not supporters of the group britian first, but we WILL put right what was said on important matters..If people lie , then we WILL put them right. For the mayor to use jo cox as an excuse to interfere in public matters that DO NOT concern him, then that is disgraceful.

London assembly , we urge you to put this right and take sadiq khan off of his duties and give the post to either Zach who would be a much more respectful mayor or someone that WILL do what they are suppose to do.

Since sadiq khan has been mayor..Crime has risen, acid attacks have started and people are being wrongly accused..As sadiq khan keeps blaming white people ( As sadiq falsey accuse them of being far right ) for HIS errors! This is slander and we will NOT tolerate it.

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