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Lolita, what has been done to you?

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I am once again in tears, I feel ashamed of my heritage, I feel that what has been done for my so called benefit, and that of others is not my own. Orcas are magnificent, all animals are, I never see them capture our kids and put us on display to educate their own. What are we doing, and why? I'll cut the crap and tell you we enslave, and put on display for profit. Simple, MONEY$$$. No other reason, Every animal, in every zoo, marine park, and laboratory is there for our profitability. When we aren't exhibiting them we are using them to advance ourselves in information. Why? MONEY. Many don't care, many others are in denial of the reasons, where ever you find yourself please awaken from their nightmare, where humans ARE out to get them, and take the only thing that everything alive shares in common, FREEDOM, freedom to dictate their own life. We do onto others the stuff we criminalize not to have done unto ourselves and each other. That in a nutshell is a double set of standards, and I am begging you to rise and be counted and help them. Taking them out of the solar systems largest natural aquarium and putting them in captivity for profit is beyond cruel, beyond humane, beyond what they can tolerate. As long as there is one in captivity, all of the world is guilty.

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