Recreational Holiday Once A Month

Recreational Holiday Once A Month

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Madhav Sharma started this petition to Lok Sabha

Something is going really really wrong. 26 476 suicides from 2014 to 2016 buy Indian students due to study pressure. Every one hour one student in India commits suicide something is going wrong.

About 800,000 people die by suicide worldwide every year,of these 135,000 (17%) are residents of India, a nation with 17.5% of world population. 

As it is evident from the the facts spread all over the internet students giveup their life in such a young age due to study pressure. It hardly matters if the student is in 9th,10th, 11th or 12th class - the sections of our dailies are filled up every 3rd day with a student committing suicide.

 But a very big question which arises is what do we do for this? how can we prevent this?

I am very much in the support of the prevention camps and social well being camps which are being run by many people in India but still at the rate offsides has grown from about 7% to 10.1% we need to work upon it even more.

So I have a suggestion for that and for the same suggestion to turn into a law I am writing this petition. Every person has a hobby ,every person has a passion. This hobby and passion plays a very major role in the well-being welfare and stress relieving of a student or of any person. 

 I demand the ministry of Health and Family Welfare there must be one recreational holiday in a month when a person who is a resident of India won't be doing any work of his but would only be practicing upon his or her hobby or passion for recreation amd as stress reliever. Of course this will have large scale implications and for that I am must make precise details about this rule:-

- I must make it clear that this holiday will be once in a month.

- For this detail I would take an example- suppose we have 15th of every month as a recreational holiday. Now if on 14th of July ajob person has got a presentation which has to show on on 16th July. No as 15th July will be a recreational holiday and he chose to do his hobby on 15th of July. So of course he won't have enough time to prepare the presentation and to show it on 16th of July. Now the the presentation according to this rule must be postponed to 17th July.

- Any work period not including the recreational holiday must not be affected by this rule.

- this rule maybe or may not be mandatory all over India as the corresponding ministry finds it it right.

A very large scale advantage which would be seen throughout the country is  that the rate of suicides per year for per one lakh people would decrease drastically.

I think the corresponding ministry and other ministers working for the Welfare of people must consider my petition as a request so that we can make our country's account in the most happiest countries of the world like Norway.




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