Re-draft the Prevention of Torture Bill, 2017

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India is home to many dreaded and hardcore criminals who would not understand peace. On a daily basis, there are incidents of rape, murder, acid attack, etc.; the Crime rate is on the rise year after year. The report no., 273 of the Law Commission talks about this subject in detail but fails to understand the crime network in India that is prevailing. It is still challenging for women or even men at times to travel overnight or go to places that are highly sensitive. Crime in India is deep-rooted. It has become tough for the law enforcement agencies like the Police department, and the Forest department to fight crime. They will be arm-twisted if they involve in an inevitable encounter with a criminal who would be even ready to kill the law enforcement officer. There are numerous examples where there has been a case filed on the police officers for discharging their duties against crime. Torturing an innocent person is not acceptable and should not be allowed and if there is any such untoward incident let there be a detailed enquiry as per the law against that particular officer. If torturing a criminal is stopped then eventually the result would be total anarchy, and slowly the crime world would start taking over the control of happenings. India is still a developing country. In the course of interrogation, the police or any other law enforcement officer should be allowed to bring out the truth in any manner which the concerned authority thinks deems fit. Eventually, there will be some harsh measures taken for a few who are incredibly notorious, but if that is asked to stop, then there has to be a total reform in the system, so those habitual offenders are taught a lesson. Many human rights activists fight for the rights of the criminals but who would support the victims of the crime? It is impossible for any place on this planet to zero offense but it can be reduced considerably through stringent measures. Law enforcement agencies should be given more autonomy and also be made accountable for their actions. Because it is they, who protect the citizens from anti-social elements. Since India is a signatory of the United Nations Convention against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment - which is welcome but the Bill tabled in the Parliament needs a complete recoup clause by clause.  I've attached the links of both the law commission report as well the Bill. Kindly support this petition for a safe and secure country.

If crime is not addressed the way it should be, then there will be no development which will be fruitful.

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