Get The Ball Of Change Rolling

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Climate change is real. Clean sources of water is limited and we’re running out of it and something needs to be done by the citizens to cause a change because there’s only so much the government can do. There’s proof of water running out in Chennai. In fact, we’ve seen many incidents in the recent past where places have had to ration water in smaller locals because of limited water supply.

On the other hand, the Government of India has taken a few measures that involve allotting Rs. 22,000 Cr. (over the last 4 years) for cleaning just Ganga but there’s more that needs to be done. A recent survey showed that 1.5 million people would like to go to Area 51 to see what is there but very few want to do something about environment sustainability. Therefore, we plan on taking measures and encounter the barriers that are in front of us. We can play our part.

We are a group of young adults wanting to get the ball of change rolling. Change does not take place over one day. We hope to move to the closest water bodies around us on 28th July, 2019, to get the ball of change rolling. We plan on making the water bodies cleaner to restore the aquatic life peace that may have been affected because of garbage disposal.

For further details follow our page on instagram: sos.tainable

Also, share with us your stories and what you’ve done to actively participate in this movement .