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Electoral Reforms-Right to Recall and Proportional Representation

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Do we really live in a representative democracy? On paper we do. We send our representatives to the Parliament of India by the exercise of universal adult franchisee practiced at the interval of every five years and on intervals of other duration in State Legislative Assemblies and Municipal Corporations et al. As many of us are aware that in India, We follow the system of "First Past the Post" wherein the party which gets the majority share of votes becomes the ruling party. For example, the current Govt of India got approximately 31% of the total votes and is consequently the ruling party. Does the Govt truly represents public support?? Certainly not. What about 70% of the population which either did not vote or did not vote in favor of the current ruling party? Hence, the need for proportional representation. The modus operandi of proportional representation may be carved out by due deliberations in consultation with the General public. 

My second point deals with "Right to Recall". We are aware that once we choose a leader, we are stuck with him/her for next five years and we can revisit our verdict only after the span of five years, when next elections come. The People of India must be empowered with "Right to Recall" their representatives chosen through "proportional representation" when they fail to respond to the call of duty. Though in the beginning, it may cost public exchequer a dear sum, but it will be cost effective in long run as reigns of power will be snatched from a poor performer and given to a new representative and the people's representatives will be on their toes to keep a watch on people's opinion and their needs and to give performance that is needed out of them. 

I may not have covered all the elements relevant with the above two points but have only made a cursory summary. I desire and strongly contemplate that my fellow Indians respond to my petition and cajole the powers that be to introduce these electoral reforms in Central as well as State level and Local level and lets hope for the advent of True Democracy.  Jai Hind!

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