Logan River Academy - Stop using solitary confinement a.k.a. "Precaution," and "Development," on kids.

I was at lra for over 3 years 2004 to 2007. And not only was I on a no talking restriction for over a year but was accused of numerous things I never did I was thrown in a room of 3 walls no able to go to school I was started at 24 hrs a day by a devo staff member. Wen my mother died I was put on a suicide watch and had to be escorted to my mother's funeral and was only allowed to attend 2 hours of my mother's memorial with the staff next to me through out the whole service which was in California we flew back 2 hours later for ne to go straight back to a suicide watch for weeks. Yea I definitely honestly would do LRA again but theres definitely immorally things that happened at LRA

Christine Hinshaw, Burbank, CA, United States
11 months ago
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