Logan River Academy - Stop using solitary confinement a.k.a. "Precaution," and "Development," on kids.

The reason I signed this six years ago is because my son was at Logan River Academy and I had first hand experience dealing with the personnel. I personally was deceived whenever I visited. I was unaware he would be housed with felons, some of whom had committed serious crimes injurious to their fellow humans. At one point a fellow student took advantage of him, yet my son was the person held accountable, punished in isolation, and reviled by others. The guilty person (female) was allowed back into the general “student” population. After this incident (in which outside police were involved) we got our son the h*ll out of there ASAP, because it was clear there was some politics going on that we had no knowledge of. He is fine now - a productive member of society, close to and supported by his family and mostly happy. It took some intense therapy time, however, to get to this point. LRA sucked for us.

Cathy N., Scottsdale, AZ, United States
11 months ago
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