The reinstating of Jake Palmer at Ashville high with Shon Hill reappointed baseball coach

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Mr. Jake Palmer, a science teacher, was wrongfully pink slipped with no explanation. There was no wrongdoing on his part and this Ashville Alumnus should be reinstated at Ashville High School. He is a great teacher who cares about his students, he has the most school spirit out of the staff, and he is the phenomenal tech guy. He cares about the school and students more than the people who have higher authority. Another loved teacher had his coaching position taken away. Mr. Shon Hill, a great coach who loves his students and players had his position taken away because of a person who became upset after he didn’t get his way and someone stood up to him. Mr. Hill is a beloved person and coach, he didn’t deserve to have his coach position stripped from him. Something needs to be done about this. We can’t stand back and watch our amazing faculty members who care and work hard, be treated unfairly. We no longer should stand back and let wrongs happen, we need to speak up, and keep speaking up until change happens. Many parents, students, and staff are angry with these decision but if you sign this petition we can make a difference. Take a stand and make a change! #ProudToBeAnAshvilleBulldog

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