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No Petrol Station on Middle road Crest Road Corner

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This afternoon I noticed that the property oweners are proposing development of a service station and a Brodies drive through take away store. The property in question is on the corner of Middle Road and Crest Road. Previously it was a residential acreage property but what they are proposing could not be more different to what it was before!

There has been a lot of research done about the health impact of living near petrol stations, there's a HUGE link between childhood leukaemia and proximity to petrol stations as well as asthma and cancer.

Also we don't believe there is a need for yet another service station along Middle Road. Theres already 3, 4 if you count the Matilda near the IGA. The family run 7 Eleven is less than 3km away.

My neighbors are in their 90's and have lived here since the early 1950's, they owned all of this land and they grew pineapples here. When they moved here it was a dirt road and had no power. They still keep cattle and chickens. I think they want to live out their days in peace. They've already lost a portion of their land to a round about.

My housemate and I are only new to the area, we both moved here from the country. We chose this area because it's quiet and semi rural while still being close to amenities and the city. I have a horse and the main reason I chose this property was so I would have somewhere to keep her and ride her. If the proposed development was to go through I would be forced to move as with all the noise from those kind of businesses it would not be safe for me to ride here anymore.

My housemate would also have to move as she works night shift and the noise during the day would make it too difficult to sleep. Not to mention she has a rare auto immune disorder that effects her lung function and living near a service station would pose too much of a risk to her health.

This is a quiet semi-rural neighbourhood. No one ever has loud parties and most of the people around are eldery couples or families. A service station would stick out like a sore thumb and significantly change the quiet atmosphere of our neighbourhood.

We are not dinosaurs who are against change and accept that growth is happening in our community but this isn't the future we see. We would be happy to see more family owned businesses, schools and child care centres in our area. Im hoping that other locals will get on board and help us fight the big business!

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