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A review on the local laws on keeping a pet miniature pig in a residential area

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Council state you need a minimum of 2000sqm to have a pet pig this need to be reviewed.  Pigs are quite easily housed on small yards/houses.  You can have two large dogs on a standard house block but cant have a MINIATURE pig that is cleaner, quieter, more intelligent and don't need the yard space for exercise like a dog.

Shorty our pet pig is 73kg and 62cm tall. That's as big as he will get. He has is nose rung so he cannot destroy lawns and gardens. He is fully toilet trained and trained to sit like a dog. He is also desexed and has regular vet checks.

Shorty is our family member, our best friend. He has an unbreakable bond with us and our children. The affection and love between pet pigs and humans is incredible, there is nothing like it. 

We really want the council to review their laws because we are not the only family who is going through or have delt with this issue before. The council need to take into consideration that he is a pet MINIATURE pig not a COMMERCIAL pig. A miniature pig should not come under the same laws as a commerical pig. You can have 5 commerical pigs in a pen in a piggery but you can't have 1 miniature pig on an average house block.

We understand that pigs aren't everyones "cup of tea" but pets are. We love him like we love our children. He was never raised to be food or bred only raised to be loved.

Please support us in keeping our much loved family member "Shorty the Pig" #saveshortythepigdog

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