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Get Ross Belsham his job back!

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Ross Belsham has lost his job due to the disregard and neglect of 1 parent. This parent has been caught facedown in the gutter completely incoherent with 2 children standing beside her before, now she couldn't be bothered to take her child's safety seriously and be at the bus stop to assure her child has made a Safe arrival from school. Ross Belsham is the man who has been punished for this irresponsible parents actions. 

Ross is guilty of sweeping out his bus and not checking the rear seats as he has swept the bus out prior to his run and their were no chikdren sitting at the back of the bus on his run to his knowledge. As I have suggested to Logan Coaches, this would warrant possibly a 3 month probationary period. Not loosing his job. I'm sure his job description didn't have "Afterschool carer" included in the duties. 

The law states that a child under 12 shouldn't walk or ride to or from school alone, therefore meaning the mother should of been at the bustop to assure her child's commute was safe upon leaving the bus.

The mother is the offender in this situation, after 3pm our children are our responsibility, any assistance provided from school or bus personnel is greatly appreciated NOT EXPECTED. The responsibility for her child falls on her, not Ross Belsham. He assure the 4 children he (thought) was carrying made it to their destinations safely. Having a child sneak onto a bus and then having a mother who shows no regard for her child's safety by being at the designated wait place is the issue here. 

This petition has been started to get Ross Belsham job reinstated, it's wrong on many levels that one of our elderly tax paying citizens are being punished for a drug addicted welfare dependant mother can't work out what the appropriate steps are to assure her child commutes safely too and from school. 




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