Let's make Carbrook State School pick ups Safer for our Children

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After seeing that Carbrook State School has just lost further car parking, we need to gain some safety back for our Children when doing pick ups.  We now run a major risk of being fined by the Council if we pick the kids up anywhere other than the school car park. We only have, at max... 60 car parking spaces for the whole school which is no where near enough for the numbers we have at the school. So please, as a community let's band together and make school pick up a far less stressful time than it needs to be and request for more car parking spaces.

We aren't like a typical suburban school where we have the option to bike or walk to school, we are in a semi rural area on a main road, which means car and bus is really our only options.

We also don't have the option to keep driving around the block to wait for a spare car parking space, because if we did it would probably take an hour to get back to the Carpark in 3pm rush hour school traffic.

I have heard parents tell me that they are sacrificing half an hour of of their work day every day, just so they can try and get a park at school to pick their kids up, roughly let's say if they were on $25 an hour..... That's $62 a week they are losing from their pay!!!  I have also heard from another parent that their mum used to help them out due to the parents work commitments and pick the kids up from school, but they now no longer do it because the pick up and lack of car parks is too stressful for them and they get anxious in all the traffic.

So C'MON Carbrook State School Community, let's do this!! We can't all do it alone, we need to do it as a community!!