Solve traffic mess and ruthlessness at junction point casa rio Kalyan - Shilphata Road

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Traffic mess, inhuman behavior and arrogance and negligence by various concerned authorities while entering casa rio internal road at Kalyan - Shilphata road. This has been a problem, inspite of presence of traffic cops, wardens and signal lights at the junction.

The problem is mainly caused due to unauthorized parking by taxis, hawkers and people going to eateries near ICICI Bank even if for couple of minutes. As the lane is a single lane and narrow, even a two wheeler parked causes a huge traffic chaos and unwanted mess. 

There are thousands of law abiding citizens residents who go to work, tend to their duties and attend to various emergencies by that junction and get stuck as its the only entry and exit point. The residents are slowly but surely getting increasingly frustated and annoyed by the ruthlessness, arrogance, unnecessary road rage and inhuman behavior by the trouble makers. Since there is no law enforced in that junction, it's getting easy for the trouble makers to indulge in the above mentioned mess. This is resulting in physical violence and serious threats in the name of road rage by. Before this turns into huge localities and non localities issue(which had already begun). We appeal to the concerned authorities to help and solve this mess once for all.