Lodha Palava phase 2 - wrong commitment and delay in handover

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I am had booked the flat on Sept 2013 (with a dream that i will live happily here with peace) with first possession date stated as April 2016 and in aggrement it was stated August 2016.

Now after Maha RERA I was told the fitout possession to be initiated on last week of July 2017 but due multiple mistakes from your end (which were even communicated to me on mail) my possession has got delayed and still I have not received the possession as of today.

The reasons from your end can be many but the outcome is still that I have to pay bank interest of my loan amount, my existing home rent and miscalculated demand letters from your company.

Who is going to pay for my financial losses due to silly mistakes of your employees.all my dreams crumble and i feel sorry infact ashamed on myself that i book my first home with lodha. i invest all my hard earning money in my first home and believe that one day all my investment will return me as happiness and peace of mind but today after 4years i feel like..like i did a big mistake ... i feel like i punished for doing this.

Its your RM team's responsiblity to followup on te project and customer satifcation, but here I have to do the follow up job and your employees are getting the salary for not picking up the call and giving false excuses each time.

When finally I got connected with your RM they said "demand is pending from my end which they have miscalculated initially". Why should I bear the cost for mistakes from your end and that to when the amount is in lakhs.

This is totally unprofessional and not tolerated by company like Lodha developer who is famous for timely possession.