Save our Flame Tree

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We have a Flame Tree in our Laidley shopping mall in which many people love to sit under on a hot day. 

It has been there for over 20years and is the only living shade structure in our mall. 

The council have stated that they will remove this tree soon by placing signs around the tree!! They say it is dangerous due to the berries (which are flower buds), root system, and uneven pavers. The council should be looking around at the other uneven pavers which are all throughout our town, (should have been repaired after the last two floods) or perhaps the unsafe pedestrian crossing !! 

We believe there is a better option rather then removal, why not a garden around the tree and remove the pavers ? 

This tree provides so much more then shade.. it creates memories for so many local people and tourists are attracted to the tree and stop to take photos. 

Another important fact is that this tree attracts bees when the flowers are in bloom, which we all know how important this is to our eco system. 

This beautiful tree goes through a cycle through the year, drops it’s seeds, then the leaves, flowers bloom and then drop like red rain drops. It’s amazing to see from my shop window ! 

Please show your support and sign the petition to stop the unnecessary removal of this tree. There has to be other options!!