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Build an Enclosed Offleash Dog Park

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At present Gatton region has no designated area that owners can let their dogs off leash to exercise freely. Many dogs require this extra exercise (rather than just walks) to help with weight control and prevent destructive and unwanted habits such as digging, escaping and barking. These behaviours are often stemmed from boredom due to a lack of socialisation and mental stimulation. A dog park would provide owners with a safe place to allow their dogs this exercise, socialisation and mental stimulation, without encroaching on other park users. 

I started this petition after moving to Gatton for Veterinary Science studies after living in Brisbane and Toowoomba, both of which have enclosed dog parks. I used these parks as my own form of wind down and relaxation after work and my two beagles definitely need the ability to run off lead to keep them happy and healthy. They do get more naughty when I cannot allow them this freedom. It is a fantastic way for communities to come together as well, as for example I have shared barbecues or nibbles afternoons with my dog park friends in past cities. I know that many other people in the region would like this option for their dogs as well. So please support my petition if you believe that the council should provide an enclosed offleash dog park (even if you don't live in the area, your support for local dogs is much appreciated!). 

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