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Avakin Fantasy Skins

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We are campaigning to bring back the fantasy skins & colour customisation. These are the most popular things that are in demand. We want them back. It upsets us as a community without these. We have been told to make do and go without as together we can still make it work but what's Harry Potter without his Glasses, Scar and Magic? What is he supposed to do without those three things that builds and shapes his character? Not good enough.

LKWD are taking away diversty for "Security Measures" Due to hackers. This isn't right. Many people have been affected by this and we need your help. LKWD say Avakin Life is a Fashion game yet on all appstores it says Roleplay. They say they want to go down the covert fashion route yet thats classed as "Similar" IMVU is classed as "Social" so we think we are being purposely made to be disappointed.

If you want LKWD to start listening to its people again please sign.

We need at least a min of 2000 signtures to achieve this.

As soon as we get those skins back we will support the game once again and as loyal customers we will start paying out once again.


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