Lock up all sexual predators for life

Lock up all sexual predators for life

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Why this petition matters

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This petition is from a personal experience of mine and I hope others will take on board what I say and put a stop to it.  Please sign and share we need as much support as we can get.

I was in an abusive relationship for less than a year.  I had just started university and met up with a man who claimed to be in his 40s (which he lied about).  From then onwards became the worst nightmare of my life and I’ve never gotten over it.  

Below are my own words on everything that happened in a space of months.

A cold winters night approached as I waited outside. I recognised him from a distance straight away and he recognised me. We chatted for a while and then he suggested we went back to the hotel room. I was a student at the time living in halls about 5 mins drive away from the hotel so it was convenient. I had never spent the night with another man before and I was nervous. We sat on the bed and kissed but then things got out of hand. I told him I was all new to this and scared but he didn't bat an eyelid. We were in the middle of a 'make out' session when he started to undress me. I told him to stop as I wasn't comfortable and he took no notice. Before I knew it I had given my first 'handjob'. I laid there totally naked trembling wondering what was going to happen next. I have never been here before, a lot of men have just wanted me for sex and taken advantage of me and I always said no but I was in my 20s and still a virgin and had walked away at the right time. Unfortunately though this was different, no matter how much I tried to tell him to stop he wouldn't.

The following morning was a Saturday and I woke up to find he was already dressed and waiting for me to get out of bed. It was pouring down with rain and he suggested we went out for a drive. Within the second day he changed dramatically, he became very possessive and controlling. Whenever my phone went off he would turn angry. He had peculiar eating hours too. He wouldn't have breakfast his first meal of the day would be about three or four pm. Then he wouldn't eat anything until eleven pm which would usually be a full cooked meal. 

A few months went past and we mainly conversed on Skype as he lived abroad for most of the time. He was just as possessive on Skype as he was face to face. Whenever someone would text or email me he would ask who it was and turn aggressive. In the end I used to make excuses to go to the restroom and take my phone with me to explain what was going on. Another thing he did was to leave the live video on Skype running all night so that he could watch me sleep. It was like Big Brother. On a few occasions Skype had crashed and I was late for lectures and he went crazy when I hadn't said good morning to him. My head was spinning it was driving me insane. I said to him if you can't respect me then I can't do this anymore but he wouldn't let me split up with him. 

On a few occasions he booked a weekend away which was a self contained unit. He hated hotels and liked being independent. I usually had to pay for my half of the stay which really annoyed me. He never really treated me to anything. Sunday mornings I usually did my university essays and he didn't once say 'would you like any help with that'. All he was bothered about was himself and where he next BandH was. I was expecting a quiet evening as I had lectures at ten am the next morning but my wish didn't come true. This was the night I was raped the first time. It went on for hours, I was screaming in pain telling him to stop which he refused to until he ejaculated. I then cried in pain. I went to the restroom and noticed a little spot of blood. It had happened, I had lost my virginity to a rapist. 

Because he didn't have a house in the u.k he stayed in a guest house and he invited me up there for one weekend. I took the train (which of course I had to pay for) and met him at the station. He then drove me to Tesco and said I had to buy flowers for the guest house owners. We had a fight in isle three, I threw the flowers on the floor, surprisingly they didn't get damaged and we drove to the guest house. The first thing he said was that the flowers were my idea which was a total lie. 

The following afternoon we drove to Hastings to meet his sister. I was in a lot of pain that day but he told me to shut up and behave myself. After meeting with his sister and brother in law we went back to the guest house where he tried to rape me again. This time when I said no he hit me on the face and pushed me out of bed saying I needed to grow up. I was trembling, everything was all my fault in his eyes and I was totally innocent. I already had scars from what he did to me previously and didn't want any more. Sunday afternoon just before I was due to go to the station to catch my train something embarrassing happened. I heard noises from downstairs and wondered what was going on. Suddenly the door of the bedroom we were In flung open and two labradores jumped on the bed. We were both there totally naked and chased them downstairs.

We didn't see each other for a while after that as he spent most of his time abroad. We did Skype a lot though and had a lot of fights. On most occasions he would slam his laptop down on me and wouldn't contact me in hours. He refused to have video conversing on so we would text each other until I had to tell him it was all my fault and not his.

As I was in university I had a lot of assignments to do, luckily we didn't have exams just essays and briefs. I became very friendly with a lovely man named Richard who was on the same course as me. We were very close friends. Wednesday was our day off university so we would spend a few hours together.  We had a video project that had to be finished and Richard suggested that I went to his appartment for a few hours to work which we did until he found out what I was doing and accused me of having an affaire with Richard which certainly wasn't happening. I tried to get Richard to explain to him what was going on but he refused to speak to him.

One evening when we were at my dads house having dinner something strange was going on outside. It was a very hot summers evening and I wanted some fresh air but my dads partner told me not to go outside. I finally found the truth out about this incident and it made perfect sense. My father and my boyfriend were having sex at the top of the garden. I'm pretty sure I was the only person who didn't know about it. This has put me off relationships for life. After that and being raped by the same person 8 times I don't think I can trust another man to go near me ever again.

The last time I saw him face to face we had another massive fight. He spent the night with me in my university room which wasn't ideal as the bed was tiny and one of us would always end up on the floor. He then started lathering me up in the shower which again made me uncomfortable and I passed out. I had to pay for him to park his car in the university parking lot and I also had to clean up all his trash.

A week after that I finally managed to split up with him for good. I'm glad it was on Skype and not face to face. For some reason he kept crying , then he shut the lid down on his laptop for the very last time


63 have signed. Let’s get to 100!