Open a Black Owned Folk Magic Traditional Tea Room

Open a Black Owned Folk Magic Traditional Tea Room

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Queenly Conjure LLC is a Local Black Owned Traditional Tea Room and Apothecary dedicated to reviving the art of sharing organic and ethically curated herbal teas with one another to promote community healing, building, and sustainability.

We are working towards securing a location for this Tea Room in the South Carrolton area, and due to the difficulties of entrepreneurship as a Black Femme presenting Artists, we are building this without Lenders, Grants, Benefactors or perfect credit and this is where we need your help.

Each signed petition gives us the supporting reference to build and secure our location.

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Motivated by living and leading a life with intentionality, and devoted to the oral customs of Black indigenous community healers, Queenly Conjure LLC advocates the tradition of drinking herbal tea, not only as social engagement but as a cascading movement towards achieving physical and spiritual balance with ourselves and the world around us.. A theme prevalent in the original Chinese Tea Ceremonies. Spurred by the numerous studies dictating that drinking tea aids in boosting the immune system, fights off inflammation, and assists in managing anxiety and depression, Queenly Conjure LLC pursues our goal towards active wellness for all.

We pledge ourselves to that mission by synchronizing our harmony between what we consume and the Nature that feeds us, by:

1. Providing natural locally/eco-consciously sourced Herbs that are not only delicious but beneficial for the body.

2. Using only recyclable, eco-friendly or biodegradable packing materials.

3. The balanced practices of African American Folk Magic (Otherwise known as Rootwork) and Druidic Herbalism

We weave an array of unique Folk Magic inspired dried herbal tea blends, Pre-Made Iced and Sweet Teas and Traditional Tea Ceremonies and Events to soothe the soul and turn away from the European Imperialism of Western Tea Craft

When we take a deeper look into the origins of Rootwork and Herbalism here in the Americas, we find that herbal blends and tea drinking were integral to African American Indigenous cultural experience. Neglected by the Medical field, obtaining and sharing knowledge about the benefits of herbal blends and teas was and is important to the wellness of this community.

Honored by this knowledge and practice passed down to the owner and operator, Reina- Queenly Conjure LLC aims to provide an array of folk blends and recipes that are attainable for everyone and supportive of the Communities most in need.

Structured as a Traditional Tea Room, Queenly Conjure LLC currently operates as a Pop-Up Tea Room and Online Tea Shop. However, once established with a physical location, Queenly Conjure will open its doors as a Tea Shop, Apothecary, and Event Venue for booking local events for Tea Parties, Socials and daily tea servings. Spurred by the need for spaces of comfort, safety, and care, we aim to build a “home-away-from-home” that provides sanctuary away from the discomforts of city dwelling. Surrounded by plants, edible and sensational, the Tea Room and Apothecary welcomes all in need of rest and community.

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