Protect Australian Community Businesses

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Nathan and Selina are family farmers who have developed Truth By Nature™, a range of Camel Milk and Hemp Oil products for Australians. They employ Australians and use Australian grown products for their business, and enjoy giving back to their local communities in South East Queensland.

In 2020 they received communication that the American pharmaceuticals giant, Nature's Truth, would be opposing them legally for their business.

This shameless act of an international business telling our small businesses what to do is something that we can all unite on.

The solution, we feel, is to send a message from Australia that our communities are our strength and we all stand shoulder-to-shoulder with any Aussie that wants to start a small business. We believe that no matter what, you should be able to start a business and not have it be opposed by international bullies.

If you support small Australian businesses that are keeping jobs here in Australia, then we implore you to sign this petition today. If you would like to donate $2 to our cause so that we can win this fight, then we thank you so much for that. God bless you and God bless Australia!