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The Central Coast needs an Indoor Athletics Venue to prevent Athletes Young and Old from having toTrain in 40° Heat or Torrential Rain. This venue would Create a strong Athletic Community Fitness Center that does not exist in Australia and facilitate a Safe and Secure environment not only for Central Coast Athletes but Athletes from Sydney and Beyond as well as Athletes from Overseas. This would also mean that Central Coast Tourism and Busines's would benefit from this Unique Facility that would also facilitate a Safe Training environment for other Sports like Soccer and Rugby League who's Sports Men and Women also utilise Speed in their chosen Sports.On the Central Coast Mingara have a superb Outdoor Athletics Facility that has been supported by Local State and Federal Grants. However in inclement weather this means that it is unusable..Also spectators are subject to intense Heat as well as Little Athletes and this poses questions in regard to Skin Cancer risk across the board. If we are to believe the chatter about Climate Change it must then to be seen to be an absolute Health and Wellbeing issue to Support this Petition and Give the Central Coast a Landmark Facility to last the ages..