Join us in stopping the destruction of trees & habitat under Hydro One towers (Alta Vista)

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We, the residents and friends of Riverview Park Hydro Corridor Action Group in Alta Vista, Ottawa, Ontario, strongly oppose Hydro One's plans to bulldoze and destroy the trees and shrubs beneath the power lines between Abbey Road and Knox Crescent. It is unacceptable that the complete removal of greenery and its respective wildlife is preferred rather than trimming the greenery canopy to maintain a safe distance between the power lines and treetops. Riverview Park residents place great importance on existing green space, trees and natural habitat.

Hydro One’s economic argument for trimming is irrational – destruction verses trimming is a matter of cost. It demonstrates a carelessness for environmental stewardship and leadership.

Our environment is used regularly by residents of all ages for many different kinds of physical activity including walking, dog walking, cross-country skiing, cycling and running. In addition, the corridor provides an acknowledged sound barrier for Alta Vista’s Hospital Link Road. If Hydro One proceeds with destroying this eco-system, it means apple trees, various evergreens, bee-friendly plants, a creek, numerous bird nests and other animal-friendly spaces will disappear. The proposed actions are unacceptable, and the residents and friends of Riverview Park Hydro Corridor Action Group are prepared to take a stand against Hydro One proceeding.

To be respectfully submitted to Hydro One on October 15, 2020 before the virtual meeting on October 15 from 6:30pm to 7:30pm – rsvp to the meeting by emailing