Save public activity

Save public activity

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Local Real Northcote Residents

Why this petition matters

Started by Michael Skoullos

Save a public activity for future generations who cannot afford to pay private fees 

The Northcote Golf course is important to the real people of Northcote and Generations past 

An arena that allows all generations to use 

An Activity that brings people together of all ages 

allows grandparents to play with their grand children  and available to all ages and Genders


with so many parks and gardens why the need to destroy a facility that’s available to be used by all for the purpose it was created

An outdoor activity that would  be lost to future generations that is funded like other parks and facilities   That all rate payers use 


so why destroy this one for a minority who seem to only care about the agenda not the communities as a whole 





22 have signed. Let’s get to 25!