More Back Street Cameras For Liverpool Housing Estates

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Being an NSI (National Security Inspectorate) System silver Member enables me to Install CCTV systems to the NCP 104 CCTV code of practice ensuring local authorities homeowners and businesses get their CCTV installed and surveyed in the correct manner by Closed Circuit Security Ltd.

Since 2013 the call for CCTV has increased significantly. back in 2013 there where 20 online searches a month by people searching for the search term Liverpool CCTV installer today 2019 there are 140 searches for the same search term.

This in itself is a statement of the problems business and homeowners are facing with increased crime. When installing CCTV in Liverpool I am seeing more and more Council and private housing estates being hit harder, older people that can't afford to pay for a CCTV system in fear of something happening to them or their property.

I feel there should be more cameras installed on housing estates in Liverpool to give homeowners a better sense of security. 


Steve Maitland

Managing Director

Closed Circuit Security Ltd